Claudine Kurtz


Claudine Y. Kurtz


“Since I was a little girl, people came to me for healing. They would share with me as a confidant, trusting me to keep their secrets. My father was a healer and I knew intuitively how to help people. I always wanted to help them.” Claudine Y. Kurtz

Earth to Sky

Claudine has been asked frequently to share some of her knowledge, tools, and techniques that she has acquired and refined during her professional lifetime. She is pleased to share some of her experience in this 4 day workshop

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

“Awakening The Illuminated Heart” is a 4-day workshop based on Drunvalo Melchizedek’s life work. It is an experiential workshop that builds in layers toward the connection of the heart and the mind,  and, if you are ready, the automatic activation of your Merkaba.

Upcoming Classes                             

28-29-30-Novembre 1 Décembre 2019
21 rue Dareau, Paris 75014

DE la TERRE au Ciel 
5-6-7-8- Décembre 2019
21 rue Dareau, Paris 75014

16-17-18-19 Janvier 2020.  Atelier en Français
Serenity center, Oviedo (Orlando) Floride USA