Claudine Kurtz

1- Again a big thank you to you and Mark for your time and kindness 🙂
I feel lucky that I was able to participate in this workshop,
and I already feel the changes …. wahooooooooo !!
It’s a real opening of the heart, thanks.
The path is still long but your teaching showed me the way.

2- Things settle gently after this stage that was so strong.
THANK YOU for everything: the quality of your interventions, your teaching, your professionalism, your composure , even in tense moments.
In only four days, you made us walk a path that seems fabulous.
Thank you for your qualities of heart that emanate from your mere presence.
Finally thank you for the moment that we shared when you came home.
It will always be a pleasure to work with you.

3- I address to you and Marc all our thanks and congratulations for the high quality of this workshop, for your teaching, for the wealth of information and for the practical work. You are very concerned about the respect of our free will, which inspires confidence and respect for your work.
We have all come out of these four days with a clearer vision of things and with useful lessons for our everyday life.
Looking forward to seeing you again.
A. B.

4- When I arrived at this course, I was looking for confidence in myself and in life, and I learned to go down to my sacred space of the heart to be able to draw love and serenity. I became aware of the resources available and accessible, housed very close inside me.The feelings in my physical body during these 4 days have definitely opened me to another vision of the world, more sensitive and more vast. It invites me to connect more with who I am, to anchor myself to the Earth, and above all, to see the beauty of being alive. It is a milestone in my life journey.
Thank you, Claudine for your teaching, your kindness and your humor too. Thank you Marc, for your accompaniment and your enlightening words.

5- When I drove Sunday night (I arrived at half past midnight, a bit tired!), I felt like I was in another reality, almost asking myself if I had not dreamed of these past 4 days together.
Everything we experienced together during this workshop is so amazing! And yet, I know that deep within me it exists and that’s what I’ve been looking for for a while now.
I feel that my whole being aspires to live in the heart, and that the vibration when I am at this place is so right. I have no doubt of it.
Remaining to be done: to decondition the mental, to flush out and transform deeply rooted beliefs…I felt very good during these 4 days, in my place (while it is not always easy for me in a group), and I must say that your presence radiating and loving is a big part of it. I really felt confident, able to abandon myself, to advance in the unknown.
There is within me a space of peace and love which is growing, which I want to take care of, and it is from this space that I want to grow and to blossom.
So a big thank you Claudine for what you have been able to transmit with so much heart and love, and a big thank you also for Marc and his sustaining light.

6- What a weekend !!
I’m not fully back yet, but will we ever be our old self completely one day?
I hope not, I hope that part of us will remain forever connected to our heart.
How good it has been to live in the love of all of you during these 4 days!
I still feel it around me, as well as your benevolent presences.
Will there be an after?
Certainly because I do not imagine that we can remain the same person as we were before, and thank God.
I still have the feeling this morning that I see my surrounding with different  eyes ..
Thank you Claudine and Marc for everything you give, for where you take us.
Thank you for the richness of your hearts, the strength of your Love and all that you make possible.
I still feel inside my bubble, in my sphere of Leonardo and I float, thanks to you.

7- It is difficult for me to testify with words of what I felt during the workshop” From Earth to Heaven “which I participated in Paris in early September.
I decided to do this workshop, many months ago, to learn the technique of chelation. I came out of this stage with a lot more because practicing an energy treatment is not only a technique … it is above all a state of being.
As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s really for this teaching, much more subtle, that Life led me to this stage.
In any case, a big thank you to Claudine and Marc for their commitment and a big thank you to the Universe for leading me so far.
Now it’s up to me to cultivate the seeds that Claudine and Marc have planted!

8- I wanted to thank you for the extraordinary adventure that you allowed me to live during these few days, a meeting with myself …
Your gentle loving support allowed me to go on paths inaccessible until today. Something has changed in me, this infinite feeling of life and love of life, like an awakening to life.
The course ended a few days ago and although the return to everyday life seemed brutal, I feel deeply connected to the energy of the heart.
Thank you from the heart.

9- Dear Claudine, dear Marc,
Monday, the day after the end of the workshop “From earth to Sky”, I am a little down and begin to digest all the teaching received during these four days. It is so full that I have the impression of having participated in a seminar of a huge week. From earth to Sky is the perfect extension of the awakening of the heart for anyone wishing to bring healing and care. Not only are the tools that you teach us are incredibly strong and beautiful, but beyond this wide range, the icing on the cake is that you made me understand and gave me the opportunity and the means to create my own tools, new, powerful and adapted to the moment and the person who will receive it. A kind of tailor-made far beyond what I could imagine, an infinity of possibilities, variations, vibrations …
In the end the cherry is much bigger than the cake.
The group was very diverse, as much by the personalities that composed it as by their approaches to the subject and their daily practices. The bond that unites us now is of such beauty, of such force that all these beings are now my brothers and sisters not only of heart but also by the approach that we have in common.
Thanks be to you for that, I thank you, love you, and hold you in my arms and on my heart which pulsates and sparkles with joy and love.

10- A little note to thank you from the bottom of my Sacred Heart for these 4 days of beautiful  4 days , a huge gift, the most beautiful of my life, and that is the beginning of a great path
A big thank you for now, I will feed the Sacred Heart every day in the present moment
Do you intend to send the list of e-mail addresses of the participants? We spent such beautiful and strong moments together, it’s nice to be able to share afterward.

11- Above all, I come to tell you how much I liked the seminar that you conducted last week. I liked your spontaneity and your simplicity and also your generosity. Thank you, more deeply, for this wonderful teaching that gives us knowledge and tools to reach the spiritual level that I have aspired to all my life. I just finished activating the beams for today, and I feel anchored and set in the sweetness of the heart. What a gift!

12- I am full of gratitude for this wonderful seminar, where I could deepen my experience.